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Qigong for Spring

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Transformative Dragon Flows & Nourishing Eye Qigong

  • 15 US dollars
  • Main Street

Service Description

We will begin our Qigong Class for Spring w/ a routine designed to purify, nourish, & balance the liver & gallbladder. These movements will include the ancient swimming dragon style of Qigong, which uses spirals & twists to release tension, detoxify the liver, nourish tendons, & get Qi flowing beneficially throughout the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver resonates w/ the "wood element" & is most influential in the Spring season. Cultivating your internal wood energy creates resiliency, compassion, & a happy & healthy liver. Physically, this routine is perfect for detoxification & longevity. Energetically, this routine is great if you are seeking new perspectives & personal growth. We will build our momentum in class with a dynamic & invigorating Qigong set that includes a peak flow called Flying Dragon. These Dragon flows cultivate strength & flexibility, characteristics of the wood element, & support your ability to grow & take action in life. This routine can assist you when feeling stuck or experiencing any agitation in life. It's also great to boost your inspiration & access your inner vision. Other benefits include: clearing stagnation, building Qi in the limbs, cultivating flexibility, creativity, confidence, core strength, stamina, & will power. We will finish class with a series of exercises to boost our eye vitality. It is said that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Spiritual traditions around the world all recognize the connection between our eyes & our spirit. In TCM, the health of a person’s spirit is connected to the health of their organs. Eye Qigong is the Daoist method to cultivate Qi in the eyes & nourish the spirit. Our eyes are also connected to the Wood Element & our Liver energy. When our Wood Element is strong, we have better eye health & vision. Therefore, our eye exercises will focus on cultivating the Wood Element & channeling Wood’s energy directly to our eyes. When it comes to eye health, it’s important that energy is flowing properly in your face, thus we will be activating various acupressure points to stimulate healthy Qi flow to our eyes & face. The benefits of Eye Qigong truly are many. Physically, Eye Qigong strengthens the physical eyes & ocular muscles to relieve tired & weak eyes from over strain & tension. Since the eyes are an extension of the brain, the repetitive shifting & spirals of Eye Qigong clear stagnant energy, & circulate healthy energy.

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Cancellation Policy

No shows & all cancellations for group classes are non-refundable as there is limited availability.

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  • 1 Main Street, Bellwood, PA, USA

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