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Are you seeking genuine balance, healing, and relief in your life? Look no further! Welcome to Sacred Fire LLC, where we fuse ancient holistic teachings with modern medicine, providing a unique approach to whole person wellness.

Our holistic healing services encompass mental and emotional wellness support, stress management, trauma recovery, energy balancing, and grief support. Additionally, we offer spiritual guidance and empowerment life coaching to help you align with your heart's truth.

Explore our range of natural modalities, from energy healing to meditation and yoga practices, tailored to bring peace and authenticity into your life. To complement your journey, we offer pure plant medicine products and educational classes.

Sacred Fire LLC proudly serves individuals in Blair County and beyond, fostering peace-seeking connections. Whether you're experiencing caregiver burnout or simply aiming to increase your knowledge base in holistic wellness, our open-minded and compassionate team is here for you.

Join us in this transformative journey to live as your highest vibrational self in authenticity, purity, and wellness, amidst a world that can feel processed and disconnected.

Discover the power of integrative holistic wellness at Sacred Fire LLC – Your path to balance, healing, and expansion awaits!


1 Main Street

Bellwood PA16617



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