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10 ml Glass Bottle

Blissful Bride- Bride’s blend for a new beginning

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Blissful Bride by Sacred Fire LLC is crafted to support individuals on their journey of new beginnings. This blend is an ally in times of transition and teaches Joy in the Journey! It offers self-acceptance, optimism and confidence reminding us of our pure potential and the boundless opportunities that await us in life when we honor ourselves. It also serves us by supporting a calm and quiet mind in times of overwhelm, busyness, and stress keeping us calm, present, relaxed, and connected. This blend is divinely designed to kindle the fire of trust in relationships so one may fully blossom into their highest and truest selves encouraging emotional honesty and authenticity. It is the perfect recipe for a bride walking into a beautiful marriage with a beautiful aroma to match!

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