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The Healing Power of Plants: Raising Vibration & Wellness with Pure Essential Oils

Take a wellness journey into physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and wellness with the essences of plants in pure essential oils with me as I share my personal holistic experience. When I was first introduced to essential oils, I was no stranger to holistic and spiritual healing as a holistic energy healing practitioner. I had seen firsthand the healing power of nature through herbal teas, herbal supplements, Bach’s flower Essences, forest bathing, earthing, the ocean, the mountains, gardening, and the foods we choose to eat. My first experience with essential oils came in a cloudy time in my life. I had fallen out of consistency with my holistic practices. My life’s path hadn’t taken me where I was hoping it would. I was dealing with my very own “Welcome to Holland” story. “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley was offered to me from one of my colleagues to offer me perspective on my acceptance journey of having a unicorn child with different challenges than the other children around her. I wasn’t ready to appreciate Holland yet and was overwhelmed by visions of loss and a journey of endless mountains to climb. I found myself feeling powerless and hopeless again. A dark fog covered my thoughts and emotions. My clarity was lost. I had lost my passion and inner child joy. I was increasing my own suffering with false beliefs I invented in fear of the unknown future, and I was shutting down…

A Dear Friend, an Acupuncturist, and some Essential Oils walk into a Hair Salon

My mom was worried, my friends were concerned, and I was losing my hair in clumps in the shower as it thinned and broke off under the pressure of the stress on my body. I was feeling really poorly. I had got caught in the chaotic swirl of life again and self-care seemed like an impossible feat. My close friend, who also happens to be my long-term hair stylist, ambushed me with the unexpected introduction to a woman on the day of my hair appointment. My friend was no dummy. She knew I wouldn’t neglect coloring my roots, and she knew that once I heard this beautiful human speak her truth, I would be all in. She was a trained acupuncturist and an exercise and wellness coach. She was pure and brilliant in every sense of the word, rich with knowledge and information with a bright light inside of her heart that could light up seven counties. I instantly adored her. She introduced me to the amazing healing properties of essential oils when used to nourish ourselves with the purest essence of plants.

She provided me with a starting point and an experience that day along with compassion and understanding. She conducted a Zyto scan for me using galvanic skin response technology similar to the Itovi scanner I use today. When I read about the properties of the essential oils personally presenting for me from my report, I was in awe. It was like reading an autobiography of my exact emotions and physical difficulties in real time. It was spot on for me, and she had my full attention. I spent the next 6 months researching companies and trying essential oils chosen from my scan and guidance from my new mentor. Coming from a nursing background, doing my research was an important step in my process. It didn’t take me long to understand the gift I had received with this transfer of plant wisdom. I connected to essential oils immediately.

The first essential oils I used were joined together in a prediluted blend for Focus support, called Intune. Within 2 days, I noticed the brain fog lifted, and I could feel my clarity returning. My ability to make healthier choices and see things clearly joined the party again! I was waking up! Intrigued by my results, I experimented with my next prediluted essential oil blend called, Clary Calm to help support balancing my hormones and emotions. I was equally amazed at not only how much better I felt, but how quickly I improved with essential oil use. My body responded beautifully to the power of plants working at the cellular level in this pure form. My hair grew back and became even healthier with consistent use of essential oils mixed into my shampoo. By now, my husband was noticing my results and happy to see my inner spark shining out again. We were ready to start diffusing essential oils around our daughters, and I was ready to start trying to integrate essential oils into modern medicine.

Fire lit, I chose the company I was most comfortable with based on purity, integrity, sustainability, and indigenous sourcing. I only use certified pure third party tested essential oils that are indigenously and sustainably sourced making the most hospitable environment possible for the highest vibrational plant essence and plant growth in turn gifting us with the highest vibrational plant medicine available. I have a strong connection to plant energy, and understand the wisdom plants can offer us. I want the purest essential oils available to harness that wisdom. I have spent the last eight years continually learning and growing with this knowledge absorbing everything I can to help share these gifts of wellness with myself and others.

Today, essential oils continue to be a staple in my personal and professional practice. Not only do I use essential oils daily, I work as a certified essential oil specialist, Reiki Master Teacher and holistic RN educating and guiding people to wellness through the power of plants via pure essential oils. It has been a joy to share this gift with others and watch them grow in wellness and raise their vibration.

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